Can we use 3 colors on the walls of a living / dining room?

Can we use 3 colors on the walls of a living / dining room?

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Question from Marie-Laure


Answer: limit yourself to two colors

Hello Marie Laure, I think that we should not disperse too much in terms of colors: chocolate, salmon, gray. I think it makes a little too many different colors on the walls. Therefore, I advise you to replace the salmon color initially desired for most of the walls with a very light gray and to paint the wall of the fireplace in chocolate brown as desired. The combination of gray and brown is modern and sober. On the other hand, your idea of ​​covering the section of wall on which the sofa is backed with patterned wallpaper is excellent! Try to choose a wallpaper with graphic or older patterns that would recall the colors already present on the walls. This wallpaper will highlight your sofa and give a vintage decorative touch to your entire living room. You too, send us your decoration question Our practical DIY videos