Video: how to make a jewelry set?

Video: how to make a jewelry set?

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To offer or for a perfectly matched outfit, the jewelry set allows you to adopt an elegant and refined style. Agnès Leroy, creator of the brand "Les Océanides", teaches you how to make a beautiful adornment of amethyst jewelry.

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Make the bracelet

You will need a chain, crimp beads, small and large broken rings, knot covers, a clasp, extension chains, small fasteners and earplug caps, '' flat pliers, wire cutters and pliers to close broken rings. To start the adornment, choose a chain of about 15 cm. Thread a first bead to be crushed, taking care to work over a flexible meter to be able to measure the distance between each bead. Crush the pearl. Then put on the amethyst bead, then a second crimp bead. Attention: for a more aesthetic result, always crush the pearl in the same direction. Repeat until the desired number of amethyst beads is obtained. When you are done, open a small broken ring with pliers. Thread the clasp and a knot cover. Check that the ring is properly closed by running your finger over the opening: it must not hang. In the large broken ring, thread a 9-link cut extension chain and a knot cover. Thread a crimp bead on the end of the bracelet. Adjust the knot cover on this bead, then crush. Do the same on the other side.

Make earrings

To create earrings to match the bracelet, thread the earring clip and knot cover into a broken ring. Thread a crimp bead and an amethyst bead on a chain, then add a crimp bead to the end of the chain. As for the bracelet, adhere the pearl to be crushed and the knot cover, then crush. Take care to create two very symmetrical earrings. Follow the advice of Agnès Leroy to make a refined set. Watch the video How to make a jewelry set? on Produced by Minute Facile.


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