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(in the kitchen

. Custom made kitchen furniture - 100% French manufacturing - Cabinets, doors and drawer fronts in patinated solid oak. The patinas are made for each project and are specific according to the requests - Interior of stained blockboard furniture - Custom hood with solid wood cornice - Display cabinet placed on work surface - Solid beech drawer with brake slides THE SILVER LILY 695, avenue des espacesiers 84 110 Vaison La Romaine Tel: Email: [email protected] Website: Other Stores: Le Lys d'Argent 2, avenue Diderot 94 100 Saint Maur des Fossés Tel: Le Lys d'Argent 28, avenue Charles de Gaulle 84 130 Le Pontet Tel: taps : 1 RETRO washbasin mixer VERY COMERCIAL S.A.


. Joinery: Windows and Alu Satin Moon® window frames by Profil Systèmes, RT 2012 compliant, THPE, BBC labels Satin Moon® is a new range of aluminum windows and patio doors with very high energy performance , designed and manufactured in France, for new or renovation work. Satin Moon® optimizes energy savings, the insulation is reinforced in winter and summer. It exceeds the requirements of RT 2012 and meets the High Energy Performance (HPE), very High Energy Performance (THPE) and Positive Energy Building (BEPOS) labels, it is eligible for the tax credit. With its factory-inspired design (Factory spirit®), the Satin Moon® range stands out for its style. Light invites itself, the fine and refined lines play the simplicity and then let express the spirit of the place. Take advantage of bicolouring, to harmonize your windows with the style of your facade and your interior. SYSTEM PROFILES, aluminum gamma designer. Windows and French windows were manufactured and installed by VELINEA POLYUNO door, in solid wood coated with structured CPL bleached oak look, Available as standard, custom, renovation E COULISS Come and discover our range: Our commercial site: // or // Contact us: By phone: 04 50 77 99 64 By email: [email protected]


. Pan cut cabochon paving - white slab, black cabochon. - Origin of the stone: Manufacture MARTIAL GRUX SA reconstituted natural stone. - Based on hard limestone from Burgundy bound by resins and white cement. - The colors obtained are tinted in the mass integrated at the time of manufacture. - 50x50 slab MARTIAL GRUX DALLAGE Contact information : S.A Martial Grux 49 Route de Beaune 21190 Corpeau Mail: [email protected] Tel: Fax: Internet address: Partner reseller : Haute Marne 52 GAUZELIN REGIS 2 rue Aujon 52210 Courcelles sur Aujon


. AQUARYL MAT: Unikalo brand paint, mat appearance based on acrylic resin in aqueous phase. This paint is intended for interior for the decoration of the usual supports of the building. Ecolabel certified. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Phone. :


. Beige linen boat blind ABSOLUSTORE 0825.672.842 [email protected] 3 rue de la foudonne parc visionis 2 01090 GUEREINS LARGE ANCIENT WALL CLOCK BOTANICAL GARDEN 70CM Large old wall clock on aged white paper with the inscription "HORTICULTURAL ILLUSTRATION, BOTANICAL GARDEN, SPECIAL JOURNAL, GREENHOUSES AND GARDENS". It has a patinated iron frame and is protected by a window. DECORATION OF OTHERS Phone. : 09 72 34 57 73 Email: [email protected] Web: // O2MAT: Unikalo brand paint, for neat decoration with a very matt stretched appearance. Available in more than 50,000 shades. Resistance to polishing superior to traditional matt paints, no recovery. Ecolabel and Excell green zone certified. Colors produced for the show: (in O2MAT) MULOT, LINLIN UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Phone. :


. Patinated table with Grande Prairie ball base JARDINS-DHIVER.COM is the LEGENS online sales site, created in 1920, the company offers one of the widest choice of furniture, home and garden decoration in France. Located in Touraine, it welcomes its customers in a breathtaking showroom, offering thousands of references for the home. Our websites: 1, Café Brûlé rd943 37310 Reignac sur Indre tel: 02 47 59 31 21 [email protected] LW2034 Kitchen cabinet or bookcase in glazed wood THE HERITER OF TIME 20 chemin de Fleigny 77160 Provins T: +33 (0) 971 338 096 F: +33 (0) 160 526 433 E: [email protected]é Medallion Chairs (ref 23365) TABLE SIDE [email protected] 05 56 69 68 68 1 rue Edmond Besse 33300 Bordeaux 9801/9802 V Dresser sideboard set. This set, including sideboard and dresser, offers a beautiful practical and functional storage space. Its glass top makes it possible to highlight dishes and decorative objects. Made in France, it is available to measure and in a wide choice of colors to adapt to all interiors. It is inspired by traditional Provencal furniture, the play of colors between the exterior and the interior allows accord this piece of furniture to your decoration. SIGUIER Pont Carral 81490 NOAILHAC Tel: [email protected]


. Quartz kitchen worktop. The chosen brand is our flagship product, Silestone. The chosen color is called Unsui with a suede (mat) finish. It is a light, sober and elegant mole which goes perfectly with the rest of the decoration made in the house of the Sourdy family. Silestone combines aesthetics, resistance and ease of maintenance. It does not tarnish over time and keeps its shine over the years. Silestone is the only brand to have a bacteriostatic protection system whose composition has effective protection that prevents the development of a wide range of bacteria. It is even guaranteed 10 years! EASY WORK PLAN With more than 15 years of experience in the area of ​​worktops, this innovative and dynamic company also offers plans in Corian, marble, granite, stainless steel and glass. With its know-how and professionalism, Easy plan de travail is able to deliver tailor-made plans within less than 3 weeks! We find all the materials listed above with the available colors and the prices of each reference per square meter! Above all, you can make your quote online! The company also has a handsome showroom located in the 8th district of Paris at 157 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.


. THE STAIRS: This work is a staircase combining metal and wood called "A limon central Consoles Open". This model has been registered since 2007 at the National Institute for Industrial Protection (INPI). The central metal beam is in a rectangular tube with a 160mm high x 80mm thick section and the step support brackets are made of sheet metal, laser cut and folded. The advantage of this type of stringer and console is that it remains fluid, light, without step, timeless and looks like a spine. The upper fixing was achieved by a hidden metal plate on an existing wooden beam and a brushed stainless steel finishing plate in counter step. In the lower part, the stringer was fixed with a metal box under the first step, which will be fixed to the ground without any visible fixing. This box is often used in renovations to avoid visible fixing to the floor. The metallic stringer as well as the "Open" consoles were produced in a "Canon Noir" finish. This finish is achieved by applying a "metal patina". The wooden steps selected for this project are in natural Beech Oiled and waxed with a thickness of 40mm. The railing remains very light and above all conforms to French standards. It is composed of a handrail and posts in flat steel section 50mmx12mm also in "Black Barrel" finish and of 4 horizontal smooths in brushed stainless steel of Ø12mm. This railing is fixed on the steps by plates and against plates and through screws taking the step in "sandwich" so that it remains removable at any time for the occasional passage of a bulky object (Cabinet and other ...) . ESCALEO Ullmann Olivier - Manager - Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2000 6, Rue d'Alsace ZA du Muckental 67140 Barr Tel: 03 88 08 55 14 Mail: [email protected] Site: OPINION ON … Or how to access luxury in domestic fire detection AVISSUR has managed to reconcile fire detection and interior decoration to allow visual acceptance through an architectural and decorative integration of fire safety by combining French luxury and refinement with the best of technology German, through its different ranges. Your interior decoration expresses your personality ... and your fire safety too! AVISSUR 4, allée Emile Reynaud 77200 TORCY Contact: [email protected] Tel. : +33. (0) (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) Fax: +33. (0)


. Cotton cylinder suspension with cover Dimensions: H23 / D60cm. E27 / 100W incandescent Color: cement Also available in off-white and slate. French made Candlestick lamp in carved wood, square base. KARA cotton lampshade. Dimensions: H38.5 / L18cm. E14 / 60W incandescent Color: patinated white Also available in limed oak Metal sconce, cake mold shape. CAKE Dimensions: H26.5 / D21.5 / D26cm. E27 / 60W incandescent Exists the suspension coordinated to the wall lamp. Color: pewter COREP company creator and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. Manufacturer of French lampshades in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. More information on Brice floor lamp MONCORNERDECO


. Neo Taupe Collection Natural item combining natural matt sandstone on a thin strip around each piece and very subtle colors, trends. Enameled natural colors, dishwasher and microwave safe Ludo taupe collection and Oslo vases Earth a living, sober and elegant material through clean lines and natural hues Bono crackle collection Mouth-blown glassware, crackle effect on the base of the glass, modern and generous shape, ideal for everyday use SIBO HOMECONCEPT 396 la Place, 68910 LABAROCHE, France Contact: 03 89 78 91 10 Email: [email protected] [email protected] Website: The creation of the Sibo homeconcept brand allows our collections to balance materials and influences, colors and textures with balance. Our know-how, based on creation and development, naturally leads Sibo Homeconcept to develop exclusive collections intended for an international clientele of Retail Table & Design. Our product identity is constantly marked by the desire to make our lines both elegant, modern but above all useful and practical on a daily basis. This constant search for new products and gift ideas will allow everyone to find their moment of happiness. Ref: 114520 Plate "Ecusson". D. 26 cm Ref: 5773 Dessert plate "Ecusson" x6. D. 21.3 cm Ref: 5767 "Ecusson" teapot. 115 cl Ref: 5768 Pair of breakfast cup "Ecusson". 75 cl Ref: 120790 Round tray with 6 "Ecusson" ramekins. D. 26.7 x H. 8.3 cm Ref: 120810 Rectangular tray "Ecusson". 3 x 12 x H. 7.5 cm Ref: 1173 Butter dish "Métal Brasserie". 17.5 x 13 cm Ref: 1174 Round jam maker "Metal Brasserie". D. 13 cm Ref: 1171 Servant "Metal Brasserie". 15.5 x 9.5 x H. 17 cm Ref: 1160 Rectangular tray "Metal Brasserie". 37 x 27 cm Ref: 1003 "Brasserie" knife. Ref: 1002 "Brasserie" fork. Ref: 1004 "Brasserie" tablespoon. Ref: 1005 "Brasserie" dessert spoon. Ref: 4660 Fluted decanter. 110 cl Ref: 124850 Double candy box "Candice". D. 22 x H. 34 cm Ref: 1231 Bonbonnière "Médicis" GMD. 21 x H. 37 cm Ref: 131700 Box of 6 "Rosine" water glasses. 36 cl Ref: 131690 Box of 6 "Rosine" wine glasses. 26 cl FAMILY COUNTER Reader number: 01 47 70 51 12 White polka dot dish service You dream of changing the decor of your meals, finished the greyness and the sad tables. Enter a colorful and cheerful world. Discover dishes that combine charm, solidity, originality and ease of use. You will delight your guests with dishes, salad bowls selected with care, and in which your culinary talents will meet the allies of choice for all your recipes. Our dishes go in the oven before being presented directly to your friends on the table, you only use one dish, the food is kept warm. Find the blue pattern with white polka dots, a traditional gift for weddings in Poland, but so modern in appearance, on the site FROM EAST TO WEST // You can also visit us at the boutique in Fécamp, the choice is even wider! These dishes are made in Silesia in the Polish city of Boleslawiec. The men mold the forms, which are then baked for 24 hours at 1300 ° C. The elements are removed from the mold and dried. The women paint the patterns with a stamp or a brush, which explains the very slight variations in the patterns or the intensity of the colors. A second baking at 1240 ° C ensures the solidity and permanence of the colors; this tableware will go many times in the oven or in the dishwasher without undergoing any alteration in its quality or patterns. It is also suitable for reheating or baking in the microwave.


. Cooking piano model Châtelaine Pro 960 Ref. 6667 This is a cooking piano, Châtelaine Pro 960 model Ref. 6667 equipped with a catalyzing oven + plate warmer, a 4.2 KW gas burner, two 3 Kw gas burners, a 1.6 Kw gas burner and a 1.5 Kw electric plate. The model is of Brown Ice color, shiny chrome finish. Godin GODIN S.A. 532, Rue Sadi Carnot 02120 GUISE Tel: Mail: [email protected] Link to the list of resellers // The hood : Combining discretion and sobriety, Touch, built-in group, lends itself to all your realization of contemporary or classic decorative structures as well as the equipment of high furniture of a depth adapted to the hob. TOUCH is equipped with touch controls activated by a simple touch. Made of opal decor safety glass, the ceiling provides a pleasant and warm impression. Behind the glass, economical TL lamps provide broad lighting for an optimal view of the worktop. Designed and produced with Novy know-how, TOUCH is equipped with a noise damper and a radial flow directional aspiration. The TOUCH range consists of three devices of different sizes and powers to adapt to each configuration. The group is equipped with a steerable motor allowing the most direct evacuation possible for optimal performance. TOUCH has a smooth surface on the steam, which is easy to keep clean because it has rough edges and corners that are difficult to access. An optional remote control is available. It also allows the appliance to be switched on from an In Touch Novy hob. An adaptation in recycling version is possible with Monoblock, the new generation of regenerable carbon filters. NOVY France Address: 22 rue Jacquard - 59341 HALLUIN cedex Tel: 03 20 94 06 62 Mail: [email protected] Site: Coffee machine M130 U black Ref 11340 19 bar pump Automatic flow metering Ergonomic capsule insertion Energy saving: automatic shutdown Capsule collecting tank Modular design: multi-position water tank (0.7l) and removable tray (cup holder) Supplied with 16 coffee capsules 1260 W Robot Compact 3200 XL Ref 18339F With its 3 tanks, the Compact 3200 XL allows you to chain the preparations and do all the everyday cooking for 4 to 5 people. 3 robots in 1 Multifunction Ergonomic storage Professional motor 2.6L tank Midi tank Mini tank Book of 110 recipes Power 650 W The Toaster Vision Ref 11526 The first toaster with panoramic vision. Visual control for perfect toast Very simple to use: 1 button = 1 high-performance infrared quartz function Double-walled insulating doors with secure opening Crumb tray Drawer Extra high lift / Automatic bread ejection 8 degrees of browning Baguette, reheating and thawing function Grid all breads: extra large slot Stainless steel body, cast aluminum and glass Power 1450 W Dimensions: 22.5 x 39.5 x 18 cm Also available in ivory, red, black and shiny brushed colors New colors: pink, orange, blue and yellow MAGIMIX Contact readers: Consumer Service France: 01 43 98 36 36 Small appliance : Gemimix THFPO5538 Robot blender with heating function allows you to make hot and cold soups but also Milkshakes and Smoothies, crushed ice. 3 automatic cooking programs High / Medium / Low -High: temperature up to 100 ° C for 25mn -Medium: temperature up to 85 ° C for 20mn -Low: temperature up to 60 ° C for 15mn -Stir: allows to mix alternately for each automatic program - +/- button to adjust the time after selecting a program = timer 90mn max - sound signal at the end of cooking - Blender function with 4 speeds - glass jug with a capacity of 1750ml -secure locking of the cover -blade with 4 knives in stainless steel electric power 1000W (blender 200W - resistance 800W) - CE standards Multifunctional food processor THFP5644 Multifunctional robot pastry chef, ideal for whipping the egg whites or kneading the bread dough equipped with a meat grinder to prepare minced meat, sausages and 5-speed dough chains + Stop button, equipped with an electronic variator allowing in particular the change automatic speed during preparation (speed change 1 to 2 only) automatic stop at the end of the cycle depending on the speed: -90sec in position 1 -6mn30sec in position 2 -9mn in position 3/4/5 stainless steel bowl with capacity of 5L with transparent plastic anti-splash cover supplied with 3 accessories: 1 whisk, 1 hook, 1 mixer automatic stop of the device in case of lifting of the swinging arm. Citrus press THJU05774 Stainless steel design citrus juicer Start-up at the touch of a button Direct service to the glass Spout with stop-drip system 2 interchangeable cones Removable pulp filter in stainless steel Protective cover Dishwasher-compatible accessories Cord storage under the base Electric power 85W - CE standards THOMSON Phone: 01 48 12 14 14 1 Sauté pan 1 Glove 1 Oval casserole dish 40 cm 1 Round casserole dish 28 cm 1 Round casserole dish 22 cm 1 Apron LE CREUSET Le Creuset France 902 rue Olivier Deguise 02230 Fresnoy-le-Grand Customer service: 0810 000 231 (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.).


. "Metro Decor Chrome Tile" Louis 7,5 x 15 / Metro Cracked White Tile N ° 10 7,5 x 15 Maker : CERAMIC BROADCASTING Visit our site: 700 resellers in France - Stock Available - Delivery within 72 hours (m) Household linen


. Georg R Brenner "Key" REPRO-TABLEAUX.COM // Tel: 04 93 61 79 17 REPRO-TABLEAUX.COM Parc des Chênes Verts 285, chemin de l'olivette 06160 Antibes Juan-les-Pins Apple candles (ref 92538, 93558, 94727, 92537, 94726, 94725) Assorted artificial green plants (ref 94618) Plants with assorted artificial flowers (ref 94616) Round candy dish in glass Little bird (ref 94066) Lacquered rectangular trays (ref 92453, 92458, 92455) SEMA [email protected] 05 34 60 86 68 19 chemin de la Garonne - 31200 Toulouse FRAMED IMAGE FLOWER BOUQUET 30X30 ELOISE 30 GRAY FRAMED IMAGE FLOWER LAVENDER 30X30 ELOISE 30 GRAY FRAMED IMAGE FLOWER ROSE 30X30 ELOISE 30 GRAY FRAMED IMAGE FLOWER LAVENDER 40X60 ELOISE 45 GRAY IMAGE FRAMED FLOWER BURGUNDY 40X 40X FRAMED IMAGE FLOWER VASE 40X60 ELOISE 45 GRAY DECORATIVE WOODEN PLATE KEY C 40X100 DECORATIVE WOODEN PLATE KEY B 40X100 CHARME DUCHESSE MIRROR 50X70 CHARMING MIRROR JOSEPHINE 50X70 CHARME MIRROR LEONIE 60X80 IMPEAR MIRROR 30MARCH FRAME FLOWER ANGEL 30X30 ELOISE 30 GRAY FRAME FLOWER BIRD 30X30 ELOISE 30 GRAY CM CREATION // Tel: +33 (0) 2 99 57 32 32 Mail: [email protected] Address: P.A Les Grandes Landes 18/20 rue Blaise Pascal 35580 GUICHEN The candles PARTYLITE Wood / porcelain cutting board Striated ball bell on foot MM Striated ball bell on foot PM COMING B The team of "D&CO, a week to change everything" called on the know-how of the online florist for the design and delivery of the bouquets of flowers necessary for the new decoration of the house. For a decoration in white tones, the has selected 3 bouquets of roses and germinis to give this floral touch to the interior decoration of the house. The delivery was made with care by the logistics provider used throughout the year by for these deliveries to Paris and the surrounding suburbs. BOUQUETNANTAIS.COM Sale to individuals and home delivery throughout France: or by phone: (0.12 € / min) KickMaxx Pedal Bin 50 liters Body and top in stainless steel or sheet steel treated "Push" valve in stainless steel Tightening ring in integrated rubber Large rubber base to prevent tipping and scratches on the ground Galvanized inner bucket 50 liters with metal handle Dimensions: 86 cm x 35 cm in diameter Weight: 7.5 kg Visible on the HAILO FRANCE website Hailo France Rue du Servon 86300 La Chapelle Viviers


. ROCKWOOL kraft stone rock insulation In the walls: ROCKPLUS KRAFT Rockplus kraft is an insulating panel in rigid rock wool mono density and covered with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier Its main application is the insulation of walls from the inside, partitions on frameworks or masonry partitions. This product is certified ACERMI n ° 02/015/043. Most : it has the best thermal performance available in thicknesses from 40 to 200 mm. Its lambda is 33mW / m.K and its density of 70kg / m3 Benefits : Excellent thermal performance which guarantees comfort in winter and summer. Excellent acoustic performance. The panels are rigid and therefore do not settle over time. This product, very easy to use, can also be laid in fitted roof spaces. Rock wool is a healthy material, made from basalt. It is ecological and infinitely recyclable. Rockwool All Rockwool products are available in DIY stores and building trades. Find all the information on the products on Our coordinates : ROCKWOOL - 111 rue du château des Rentiers - 75013 Paris. Tel: 01 40 77 82 82 - Fax: 01 45 86 80 75


. Sound insulation - Tout Placo Sound insulation, thermal insulation, water or fire resistance, air purification ... The Placo® range offers a solution for every room in the house. Recommended especially for the tranquility of the rooms, the Placo® Phonic plate, blue in color, divides the noise by two from one room to another. Placo® Phonique BA 13 is also available in a marine version for damp rooms. In Placo® Activ'Air® children's bedrooms, a white plate, purifies indoor air by permanently eliminating up to 80% of indoor air pollutants (family of aldehydes). Activ'Air® is an exclusive Placoplatre technology, available in a wider range of solutions. PLASTERBOARD // // 34 avenue Franklin Roosevelt 92150 SURESNES Pauline Gaillot 01 46 25 46 25