In drawing: a birth announcement to create yourself

In drawing: a birth announcement to create yourself

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Baby will soon arrive and you want to announce his birth with original, personalized and made with love announcements ... that is to say, made by yourself! With all the tools and techniques available in creative hobbies, you will have no problem setting up your home birth card operation… However, you need to have a few ideas in mind to get started. Here is an idea of ​​birth announcements in a slightly retro and tenderly poetic spirit. It is a very simple composition to make, from which you can "embroider" as you see fit. So have fun customizing it more, playing with the colors and decorative elements that best suit you! In short, use this composition as a base to sharpen your inspiration ... To make this announcement, you will need: - thick paper (Canson type) of different colors - masking tape tapes "including one of the lace type - felt flowers - a cradle stamp - alphabet stamps - stamp ink pads of different colors - scissors - glue - black felt pen Last little recommendation before you start: if you want to print your ad text on the back of the card, be sure to do it before attacking the announcement itself. And now get inspired!


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