What are the different plastering techniques?

What are the different plastering techniques?

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Answer: different plasters depending on the use (indoor or outdoor) but which require careful preparation of the wall that will receive them.

Plaster is the finishing touch of your home. Outside and inside, it must be placed on a healthy and dry wall in order to adhere well. Outside, you will need to stake out stakes to drop pieces of rubble or previous plaster, if necessary, that no longer hold on your wall. It is also necessary to fill in the holes and protect all the openings. Whether it is a decorative or protective coating, there are two methods of application: with a float or a roller. The last is the simplest, but will not give the same effects as a float coating. In both cases, the implementation is carried out from top to bottom and in zigzags. If the coating is sprayed (this is often the case on facades), the final appearance is given by the trowel and the "helping hand", which allows great freedom of effects. Inside, you can play on tinted plasters with various finishes, and with a more or less coarse grain.


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