Mistakes to avoid with two-tone furniture

Mistakes to avoid with two-tone furniture

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The two-tone trend is in full swing for this fall. Stools, tables, chairs, preferably made of wood, but also accessories such as vases or cutlery let themselves be seduced by color. The objects are just painted to leave the other part raw, an effect which mainly attacks the Scandinavian style to spice it up and give it a more contemporary or even more designer look. Have you been seduced by this new decor wave? You are right, we love it too! So find out how to combine this style without going wrong!

Mistake number 1: not respecting the style

Two-tone furniture has set its sights on the Scandinavian style. In order not to break the harmony, it is preferable to play the card of the total Nordic look. Furniture, colors, materials coordinate and make your decor vibrate with northern accents. For example, in your dining room, opt for a two-tone table with white legs, but avoid associating the chairs. Choose these wooden ones with the gray felt or wicker seat. Enhanced more, your table will stand out all the more!

Mistake number 2: dislike bright colors

For this trend to take its full extent in your interior, it is better to bet on the color. Pink, yellow, blue or green, preferably in bright colors, are part of this decorative wave. The only neutral color authorized for the chilly of the decor, white!

Mistake number 3: not being thorough

Please note these pieces of furniture are fragile! You will have noticed it, but the two-colored furniture has mainly colored feet. Also, not to end up with paint chips, be careful when you vacuum, so as not to hang your vacuum cleaner on the base of your furniture.

Mistake number 4: abuse it

To preserve the subtlety of this style, which pleasantly highlights the legs of furniture or the curves of a vase, do not overuse it. You would risk the over dose. A vase here placed on a shelf and a side table there near the sofa will suffice to establish the style. These colorful notes punctuate your interior without excess.

Mistake number 5: mixing it with the tie and dye

The two-tone trend is inspired by the tie and dye style, but in a more frank version. If you like these two decorative styles, make a choice for one or the other! Associating them together means canceling them. With a different spirit and culture, they don't mix very well.

Mistake number 6: not daring to do it yourself

There is certainly an indisputable choice of very fashionable furniture that has adopted the two-tone style. But to take a closer look, why not embark on yourself in the customization of a piece of furniture or an object which one is more very sure of its appearance. To do this, you need to bring a paint pot of a rather bright color, a brush, a sheet to sand beforehand and a roll of sotch of paint so as not to overflow. It's your turn !


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