Bed linen plays the seaside card

Bed linen plays the seaside card

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The seaside has this soothing power which is sure to be very useful in the bedroom. So to put this room in tune with the summer, we offer ourselves bed linen that plays the nautical chart to create a holiday atmosphere that we will appreciate to relax before sleeping.

A seaside color code

To evoke the seaside in your room, you do not have much effort to do! Indeed, a simple well-chosen color code can already inject the soft and soothing atmosphere of the sandy beaches into your room. You will understand, the flagship color is of course blue. And to stick as close as possible to the seaside style, we do not rely on a turquoise shade but on a deep and fairly dark blue. We will marry the latter with white for the refreshing spirit but also with gray for an Atlantic atmosphere which evokes the pebbles of certain beaches but also the gray wooden walks.

Marine motifs

To establish the seaside style of your bed linen, you can also opt for patterns! In this case, the essential will be the blue and white stripe which will not fail to evoke the famous sailors' stripes. For more originality, you can also turn to bed linen with patterns such as anchors, shells, boats and other marine symbols. But beware, you will use the pattern sparingly to avoid a kitsch atmosphere that would not be soothing. So play the card of subtlety! Our practical seaside decoration videos


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