How to decorate a teenager's bedroom in an original way?

How to decorate a teenager's bedroom in an original way?

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Answer: choose a character decoration

Hello, the teenagers' bedroom is truly their universe: they sleep there, they read there, they do their homework there and invite their friends! Remember to properly accessorize your daughter's bed so that it can be used as a sofa for reading, revising and relaxing with friends. Install colorful cushions and a nice, cozy, quilted blanket. On his desk, a colored architect lamp will allow him to work comfortably and bring a decorative touch. The office chair can also be original: choose one that is both design and comfortable in a color to match the desk lamp. On the wall, think of the shelves so that your daughter can have the elements related to her sporting activities, her musical or artistic tastes ... One of the sections of walls can be painted in the color of her choice, in accordance with the curtains and as headboard, you can put a strip of wallpaper with offbeat patterns! You too, send us your decoration question Our practical teen decoration videos


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