Modular sofa: assemble it the way you want!

Modular sofa: assemble it the way you want!

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The modular sofa in one block

On a daily basis, the days and evenings spent at the show mainly bring together only the members of the household. This is why, the general state of mind of the modular sofa is often basic: a straight line or L-shaped arrangement, mimicking the traditional look of any self-respecting sofa. Then there are the reading or TV evenings. And when these only concern the couple, nothing prevents the two lovebirds from forming a more tight block. That is to say that the different components of the sofa come together to double the width of the furniture, and form, in a way, an extra bed. Absolute comfort, all in two steps three movements! And if we want to isolate each other, so that everyone can work better or read in their own corner, why not position two, three or four modules back to back?

The modular sofa with several extra seats

When the guests disembark, exploding the block created becomes obvious. Because by placing each module individually around the coffee table, the seats increase and the guests all have the same visibility. More fun than a large long sofa where you sit next to each other! And if you are reluctant to the aesthetics of a fully dispatcher sofa, you can always qualify the end result by isolating only one (or two) minority modules to position them facing the others, wisely assembled. And the illusion of armchairs facing the sofa is created! Our practical salon videos