Trend: Scandinavian style turns to color

Trend: Scandinavian style turns to color

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For several years, the Scandinavian style has been at the top of the trend in the home. For the start of the school year, we still keep it in our interiors, while bringing it a small ultra-decorative variant: color. Zoom on the update of this trend that we never stop worshiping.

The basics of Scandinavian style

Until now, we liked the Scandinavian style for its pure lines and its subtle and harmonious association of the wood material with the white color. It offered our interiors a soft cocoon that was both bright and warm. Now, we still love it for the same reasons but we can also add color among its last. Indeed, no more shades of neutral colors because the Scandinavian style is now embellished with touches of color that brighten and energize the house without taking away from its soft and warm atmosphere. You will understand, we keep the basics of the Scandinavian style and we are proceeding with a small update!

A new trend from Denmark

You may remember a funny word we told you about after the Maison & Objet fair in September last year: the word "hygge". Well, it perfectly sums up this new trend from Denmark which has taken a season to really settle in our interiors. The word "hygge" is quite difficult to translate, but know that it evokes a lifestyle, a special charm that you get with a lot of simplicity. Concretely, we personalize the Scandinavian style to give it an extra soul that corresponds to our personality and this especially involves color! The idea is to enhance the decor to make it unique, for our greatest pleasure.

Colorful Scandinavian style at home

To bring the colorful Scandinavian trend into your interior, it's quite simple. If you already had a Scandinavian style interior, you will be able to keep your furniture and simply add the small accessories that will give the colorful touch to the room, which will be more economical. Know that the colors of choice are celadon green, turquoise or powder pink to bring freshness and softness to the house without overdoing it. So bet on a few accessories such as a cushion, a candle holder or a vase but do not hesitate to offer yourself a larger piece that will quickly set the tone. Think for example of an ottoman, a sofa cover or a piece of furniture with colored feet for example. The good news is that the decoration brands are offering new collections that are perfectly in trend for the start of the new school year. Thus the new Fly collection will be ideal with its Scandinavian spirit, its pastel horizons and its graphic compositions. And the brand Les 3 Suisses will also provide you with a good dose of trend with accessories gently colored to integrate with Scandinavian furniture that you can also shop on their site. In a word, you have no excuse for not succumbing! Our practical decoration videos


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