Radiators that transform into towel dryers

Radiators that transform into towel dryers

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Sometimes a simple accessory is enough to make your bathroom or kitchen radiator more efficient and stylish. We play the card of color and minimalism by transforming it into a towel dryer.

Take your time and have fun in the bathroom

The towel dryer is an essential part of the bathroom. It brings a feeling of comfort and well-being. Dry towels and pleasant temperatures in the room help to make the shower of the alarm clock, a more pleasant moment. Imagine snuggling up against your warm towel as you barely come out of the water. We relax as it should to start the day. We push the idea of ​​well-being to the end by creating a little spa universe in our bathroom. Coordinated linens, elegant accessories and quality products, all to take care of yourself.

Useful design

To save space, we put on a long radiator. More discreet and elegant, you hardly notice them and they save floor space. Efficient and quiet, you can enjoy real moments of relaxation in the bath without any problems. If you haven't had the chance to have a radiator installed in your home that already has supports, there is a solution: Vasco accessories, designed by Studio Sergers. These bars to fix for hanging towels come in 4 different shapes, 4 sizes and 4 colors, so you can make your choice easily. Vasco accessories fit on all brand radiators. Alone or with others, on the right or on the left, you simply fix your clothes racks on your radiator, thus creating real heating sculptures for household linen. Kitchens and bathrooms will no longer have excuses for not combining practicality and design. More info: www.vasco.com Our practical bathroom videos