What flexible flooring can I install on heated floors?

What flexible flooring can I install on heated floors?

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Answer: Linoleum is the recommended flexible floor covering.

Among the main types of flexible floors, only linoleum is really recognized as a good candidate to serve as a coating for heated floors. Resistant to wear, chemical agents and especially heat, it is compatible on condition of using a suitable adhesive. It is also possible to lay carpet, but this is not recommended. On the one hand, the heat will have a bad effect on the adhesive (emission of VOCs). On the other hand, the carpet at the base is a non-conductive material, so why lay it on a heated floor? Finally, flexible vinyl flooring is prohibited. Not only does it absorb heat poorly, but it can generate harmful vapors. More generally, the technical opinions of the products indicate their compatibility or not. You too, send us your decoration question

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