High fashion wallpaper yarn at The Collection

High fashion wallpaper yarn at The Collection

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It is with strips of very "fashionable" wallpaper that the brand The Collection has chosen to pay homage to the world of haute couture. Nothing like immortalizing Fashion Week on the bedroom walls and planting a highly tex-stylized mood! Parade of our 5 favorite top models, in a few sentences then in pictures. Without forgetting that their 50 cm waist circumference is enough to change the situation on the facades…

Little lace dress

Against the backdrop of opaline green retro patterns, she is the star of the decor: a light maxi faucet, all in transparency and all in lace, with a Peter Pan collar and short sleeves, all three edged with pearls. We, followers of borrowings from the past recomposed for today's decorations, we are in love. And what's more, we haven't told you everything! Because the other particularity of this dress photographed above an old chair is that it is printed on wallpaper before being embroidered by hand. Or when the haute couture spirit is felt even in the design of the decorative strip ... and in the price!

Scarf collection

Scarves are the final touch to any self-respecting outfit, or almost. Featured on a wallpaper with the eponymous name created by French textile designer Aurélie Mathigot, they play on the mixture of patterns, textures and colors, but above all, they fascinate us with their life size and their subtle sequin additions. hand embroidered…

My little haberdashery

Borrowed from the world of haberdashery, hundreds and hundreds of small, medium and large buttons of all shapes and colors, make the wall here. Passing without problem from the studios of creation of the great couturiers to the status of patterns for digital printing wallpaper, they prove to us, through the effect of accumulation and collection, their decorative potential. Naturally called "Buttons", this model is just as suitable for children's rooms as it is for adults, whether they are initiated into sewing or not! The only condition for them: to have developed a certain taste for romantic and powdery atmospheres…

Evening dress

You don't have to wait for a date or a special event for the walls to celebrate. Proof with the strips of wallpaper "Tatanaka Dress" signed Deb Bowness. On the program, photographs of golden, silver, sequined or sequined dresses, wisely perched on hangers or a wall hook. So it's official. Those that we usually only went out to put on her 31 will now make the headlines and plant more than ever our addiction "chic and trendy fashionista"! Yes ladies!

The rare pearl of the dressing room

And finally, another photograph that became wallpaper (repainted by hand): a simpler dress but just as dressed, also on a hanger and determined to preside over the decor. Having the same measurements as a piece of clothing straight out of the closet, the one we call "Roses's Dress" plays perfectly the trompe l'oeil side to surprise us twice as much. You might as well say that our big favorite in this pretty haute couture series is her! For more information on haute couture wallpapers by The Collection, visit: www.thecollection.fr


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