In the office of… double starred chef Michel Rostang

In the office of… double starred chef Michel Rostang

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Two Michelin stars are earned, and once acquired you have to know how to keep them. This is the case of Michel Rostang, whose eponymous restaurant is an essential address for gourmets. This chef who has delighted us for the past thirty years is also a collector. From his restaurant to his office, everything attests to it.

Art and gastronomy

Meeting Michel Rostang is not a state affair. Very accessible, the man who cooks in blood (for three generations, a real family story!) Spends a good part of his time in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. He lives there a stone's throw from his gourmet restaurant, three from his famous Bistrot next door and a hundred meters from his offices. But here or there, the decoration is wearing its paw. A heterogeneous and yet harmonious mixture of yesterday's objects and pieces signed by big names in contemporary art.

Michel Rostang, great chef and bargain hunter

Very good morning, intense activity reigns in these places of which he is the conductor, without forgetting his other establishments (five in all) on which he takes stock. The team is agitated, the tables are set up, the orders arrive and in the kitchen the ballet starts little by little. In terms of rooms, each tells of her passion for bargain hunting and her taste for artists. Customers are spoiled for choice. Michel Rostang has always considered his restaurant to be the ideal setting for his discoveries which he knows how to highlight and which give the impression of dining with a refined friend. We admire both a work by Niki de Saint Phalle and an impressive collection of ceramics by Robj.

Tables with view

You should also know that Michel Rostang is second to none when discovering an alley of fleas or Drouot in an original object or a canvas. Each new treasure enriches the decor. This is why one of the rooms pays tribute to Lalique, offering original designs and a few pieces by the master glassmaker to the customers, including elegant wall lamps. Those who like accumulations or dreamlike universes will ask for a table with a view of an Arman sculpture or a Folon bronze. Unless you prefer to settle in the small living room, under the arch with colored stained glass windows.

The art of gourmets

Does art whet your appetite? He surely sharpens it. Michel Rostang, artist in his profession, prepares dishes that give pride of place to seasonal products. In December the truffle reigns supreme, then gives way to spring morels, while lobster invites itself in summer. As for the poultry, they come from Bresse and nowhere else. All these beautiful products are used for inventive recipes, to be tasted in the middle of warm woodwork dedicated to artists.