How do you make beef with an egg ?

How do you make beef with an egg ?

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And if we did not take ourselves seriously because damn it is summer, the sun is (finally) there, feet shod in flip flops rediscover the light and bright fluorescent shorts! Yes from today, I declare open the days of the mess, lazing around and "less-I-do-it-better-I-am-doing". We let ourselves go, we no longer make derogatory comments on bob carriers and buyers of ready-made dressing. We are cool, even more than Fonzie. Anyway, we're ready to sing with an egg!
After it is obvious that we will not choose any egg, in the same way as in karaoke, I always choose the one with the biggest voice so as to cover mine. To sing with an egg, the partner is all found with beeper . The only concern with beeper is that he unfortunately only knows three melodies: Killing me softly, The house of the rising sun (Les portes du pénitencier pour nous Frenchies) and The final countdown. What does this have to do with sauerkraut? None really because in the traditional sauerkraut recipe, you don't put eggs but it will be much more useful if you have to make boiled, soft or hard-boiled eggs.
Because Beeper is an egg like the others, except that it is heard. First a short beep to say that the water is at 45 ° c but above all to announce that it is working, another short beep to let you know that it will heat the dance floor because it reaches 100 ° C (you can dim the lights, at least the heat source). A few moments later, he intones killing me softly for your boiled egg and will repeat it three times in case you haven't heard or if you prefer your boiled egg a little more cooked. Three melodies for three ways to sublimate the egg. Does it work ? The photo above should be enough on its own but for the most skeptical, we add a test video which should make everyone agree. The Beeper egg would be the ideal egg if only it was a little cheaper (€ 24.90) and especially if its battery could be replaced making it a lot eco-friendly . Circolo egg, Beeper, € 24.90, available from July 2013


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