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Make a bed

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This week, the D&CO team shows you how to make a bed. Demonstration in pictures. For this workshop, you will need: -Wood planks, -A drill-driver, -A jigsaw, -Wood screws, -A sander, -Painting. 01 - To make a bed, you will need: wood planks, a drill / driver, a jigsaw, wood screws, a sander and paint. 02 - The boards will constitute the structure of the bed. Secure them with the wood screws. Consolidate using a central tray. 03 - With a board, cut 4 pieces of 30 cm with a jigsaw. Then cut the formwork planks to the previous dimensions and fix them to the 4 pieces of 30 cm using wood screws. The whole will constitute the frame of the bed. 04 - Then attach the boards to the structure to obtain the bed frame. 05 - To make the headboard, screw vertical battens to the structure and add formwork boards to the desired height. 06 - To make the bedside tables, use the same wood with the desired dimensions and screw inside the structure. 07 - Paint your bed with the color of your choice. Two coats will be required. Finally, you get an original bed.


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