A decorative suitcase for trendy travel!

A decorative suitcase for trendy travel!

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A suitcase, at the same time beautiful, solid and light. Not a decorative suitcase to put in the house! A real suitcase, to go on vacation and weekends. A suitcase with an attractive aesthetic thanks to which you travel chic, a suitcase that you can spot at a glance on the airport carpet. Hold on tight, this suitcase is perhaps one of the 4 must-haves that follow!

Deco chic backpacker version

Traveling in backpacker mode with nomadic luggage more beautiful than the traditional backpack, it is possible. It is the Bensimon website which offers us this alternative. On the program: a casual travel bag since transformable and multifunctional, a wrist strap, shoulder strap and two backpack handles that fit in the bag, a neat design and a choice of trendy colors ranging from plum to red, navy blue to gray .

Decorative car customizable

If for you, decorative suitcase rhymes with single suitcase, here is a site that should interest you: mydotdrops. The concept is simple. First, we choose the color of the suitcase (black, gray or white). The surface of the latter being covered with "small circles", it is thanks to them that we personalize it, by coloring them with the desired color. The idea? Write or draw, like a mosaic, what we want: an oversized letter, the Union Jack flag, stripes, an abstract or graphic shape and others. With this, you are sure that your luggage will not look like any other!

Deco and space saving

A fully foldable suitcase that occupies a minimum of space when stored, and which, in addition, can boast of being freshly colored? This rare pearl, we found it at Lipault. Known as 0% foldable luggage, its lightweight and ultra-flexible material allows it, once emptied, to be forgotten in a storage bag. On the color side, two choices: flashy orange or ocean blue!

Fashion decor

To travel chic, the fashionista who is us in dreams. What then? Of a super feminine suitcase of course! Seen at Delsey, the 4 Wheel Carry-on Trolley model is dressed in a dapper pink, divinely matched to our wardrobe… and easily recognizable on the carpet!