Video: 3 ways to customize a transparent vase with flowers

Video: 3 ways to customize a transparent vase with flowers

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When it is not occupied by a pretty bouquet freshly offered, your empty transparent vase thrones with simplicity on the table or on the chest of drawers However, many tricks allow to give it an ultra decorative look, and this very easily! Aquarelle has delivered for, three of its secrets ...

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 5 to 10 minutes for each customization Indicative cost: 25 - 30 € Necessary material : First way: pink gerberas + coffee beans Second way: calla arums Third way: yellow dahlias + beargrass + tipha

Steps :

1st way: with pink gerberas

- Pour a little water in the transparent vase - Fill it with coffee beans - Equalize the gerberas - Poke them in the coffee beans

2nd way: with calla arums

- Cut the bottom of the stems of the calla arums - Soften the stems of the arums by heating them with your hands so that they do not break - Deposit the arums in the vase by twisting them - Proceed in the same way to garnish the vase by varying length of stems - Add water

3rd way: with dahlias

- Fill the vase with water - Cut pieces of beargrass and place them in the vase - Alternate by immersing tipha - Cut the finial of a dahlia and gently place it on the surface of the water - Proceed from the same way to completely cover the dahlias vase - Cut off the protruding ends of beargrass Decorative tip / idea: 1st way: make sure that the stems of the gerberas touch the bottom of the vase so that they have a good hold. 2nd way: let a few calla arums stick out of the vase to accentuate the graphic effect. 3rd way: you can replace the beargrass and the tipha with the stems of the dahlias to immerse in water! Creation and flowers: Watercolor


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