Unusual: a sphere-shaped bathtub

Unusual: a sphere-shaped bathtub

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While the bathroom is changing, designers are competing in creativity to invent what will be the equipment of tomorrow. And precisely, the Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky offers a bathroom / bathtub project in the shape of a sphere. An amazing project that we invite you to discover!

A new vision for the bathroom

Alexander Zhukovsky started from the observation that the bathroom was in full evolution and that today, it had not only a utility purpose but also attached to our wellbeing in particular by relaxation. According to him, there is now more waiting in the bathroom and we want it to play a more important role than that of allowing us to brush our teeth or take a shower.

A project that meets new needs

From his observation, the designer imagined a bathroom project which is in fact a sphere-shaped bathtub called Bathsphere. Intended to find a bubble of comfort, it must behave like an airlock which makes it easier to pass from the calm of the house to the modern world and vice versa. The Bathsphere thus prepares us to start the day but also to sleep when the evening comes. Concretely, the Bathsphere is a concept of space in space where everyone can meet. Inside the suspended and transparent sphere, we can interact on its mood by simulating rain, by changing the temperature of the sphere, humidity, light, sounds and even smells. In a nutshell, this concept is intended to meet your needs in order to restore your balance after a hard day or to get you into your day smoothly. > More info on aizzz.com