Mistakes to Avoid When Receiving

Mistakes to Avoid When Receiving

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In France, we love hosting family and friends at home. But so that your guests also appreciate the moment and come back to the next invitation, they will have to be welcomed as it should be. We therefore give you the mistakes to avoid in order to receive your guests well. Only one risk: that they don't want to leave!

Remember to rid your guests

The first thing to do when your guests arrive is to greet them. And when we talk about reception, we don't just mean that we have to open the door for them and say hello! Remember to rid them so that they can feel good at home. Take their coats to make them comfortable, put away their bags and collect the present they will no doubt have given you. Be aware that if it is flowers, it is recommended to put them in a vase without delay so that you can install them at the table. In the case of a bottle of wine, it can be served during an aperitif or dinner. And if the guests brought a dessert, serve it in addition to the one you had planned to offer but do not save it for later!

Don't neglect comfort

To make your guests feel at home, they must be well settled! For this, the minimum is at least that everyone has something to sit on. For an aperitif, if your sofa is not large enough, add armchairs and poufs rather than being tight. At the table, it's the same! Better to pull the extensions than to end up on top of each other. Make sure that nobody sits with the table leg annoying him and allow enough space between the guests so that they do not elbow each other. For example, a 1.50 meter table will accommodate four guests but no more.

Don't put the music on too loud

To create an atmosphere during your dinner, you can opt for some music. But be careful, you should not set the volume too high so as not to hinder the conversation. We talk about background music because it just has to fill in the blanks and create a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, choose a music which can please everyone. You can for example opt for lounge music, ideal for a dinner.

Don't make them wait too long

So that everything goes well and the atmosphere stays in good shape, avoid making your guests wait too long. Serve the aperitif quickly and do not linger too long at the table as some guests may be hungry. Once at the table, it is the time between dishes that will have to be managed. Do not make them wait too long and do not miss too much in the kitchen. To help you, avoid last minute cooking and overly complex dressings.

Don't forget the shy

Finally, do not hesitate to solicit your guests. Some shy people may not dare ask for a drink, so it's up to you to suggest it. Also, always make sure the glasses are full and that all guests have access to the bread basket. And to avoid having to ask you, consider having salt and pepper on the table in case your dishes are not seasoned enough for your guests. video id = "0" /