What is a bucolic motif?

What is a bucolic motif?

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From the beautiful days and the desire to settle in the garden, bucolic patterns invade the house whether on wallpapers or textiles. But what is it exactly? How to use them? And who is it for? Here are so many questions that we answer.

Zoom on bucolic patterns

First of all, it should be known that the bucolic term refers to pastoral, that is to say to the life of the shepherds. It is therefore easy to understand that bucolic motifs are synonymous with a rural spirit. Concretely, the bucolic patterns then present delicate flowers and very worked bouquets and foliage compositions. There are also small animals specific to the garden like birds flying in the pattern. In terms of colors, the tones are soft and feminine for a pattern imbued with delicacy.

The use of bucolic patterns

Bucolic patterns are popular in spring and summer to bring the garden into the house with a few accessories. They offer a refreshing style but we must not neglect their feminine aspect either. Quite romantic, this type of pattern especially finds its place in a bedroom or in a classic interior. Depending on the part, it will be used more or less sparingly. In a bedroom for example, you can afford pretty wallpaper or bed linen while in a living room, you will rather favor accessories such as cushions or an armchair. And in an entry, a corridor or even toilets, we can also dare wallpaper in total look.


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