Low prices for Father's Day

Low prices for Father's Day

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To please your dad for Father's Day on June 16, no need to ruin yourself! We have unearthed you low prices not cheap at all to impress your dad.

Wine glasses

If your father is a wine lover, he knows that it's not just the bottle that counts! And in this case, beautiful glasses adapted to the tasting of each wine will undoubtedly make him very happy. The good news for you is that the budget for this gift is perfectly adaptable. Indeed, there are glasses in all price ranges and even the first prices have their small effect. It is then up to you to see if you prefer to offer him a complete set of glass at a reasonable price or if you prefer to bet on two glasses only but more precious. Also think of all the accessories around wine: decanter, corkscrew, bottle holder…

High tech gifts

Technology often fascinates dads. So for Father's Day, you are spoiled for choice! For tight budgets, we will flee the digital tablets and we will rather rely on accessories such as speakers or an MP3 docking station because the prices are much more accessible. Also think of the alarm clocks that are often enriched with gadget functions that will appeal to dads: projection of the time on the ceiling, touch screen or even voice control. And if your father already has a digital tablet, there are many accessories to offer! Our favorite ? Fish Eye lenses to fix on the iPhone or iPad for around twenty euros.