Step by step: create a slate sticky note for the garden

Step by step: create a slate sticky note for the garden

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A simple outdoor wall? Not so sure ! In the middle of the stones slides an intruder, a stone like no other. The garden is not only a place where one cultivates or rests. It is also a space that can be embellished with decorative elements. We can also make it easier to live with practical equipment (tool holders, etc.). And sometimes, decorative aspect and useful side can meet. It is a realization of this type that we offer you here: a sticky note slate installed directly in the vegetable garden to note the next cultivation work, the purchases to be planned ... The realization that we propose you supposes to have a wall slightly sheltered and come "replace" one of the stones of the wall with a slate. Our choice could have been different: cover several stones, lay the slate vertically, opt for a much larger slate, lay a series of slates in line on the principle of one large and several small, or even only several small… Everyone is free to interpret the principle! Difficulty : average Cost : from a few euros to zero (if you already have the materials) Necessary material : - A slate - Plaster - A trough - A trowel (ideally of the cat's tongue type)

Step 1: Choose your slate

Each natural slate is different, especially once it has suffered the wear of time due to previous use! Choose the one that you like the most, or the one that will be best suited, by its size and shape, to the location to which you intend it.

Step 2: Clean it

Clean the slate with clean water using a brush. If the slate is damaged, it is easier to rub it at this stage than once fixed to the wall.

Step 3: Choose the location

Here we choose a location sheltered from the rain (under the protection of a small awning). The slate will cover a stone whose shape is very similar to his.

Step 4: Prepare the plaster

Put a bottom of water in a trough. You will need some plaster, so be moderate, knowing that you can always prepare more during the operation.
Sprinkle plaster water on the surface until the plaster comes to the surface.
Wait a few minutes before mixing with a trowel. Your plaster is ready.

Step 5: Apply the plaster on the support

Apply the plaster using the trowel. Here we use the back of the slate as a trowel. It is not forbidden :) !

Step 6: Place the slate on the support

When your support is sufficiently covered with plaster, press the slate by pressing to create adhesion.

Step 6: Finish fixing the slate

Use the rest of the plaster to finish fixing the slate, lining all sides, and taking care not to spill over the surrounding wall.

Step 6: Clean up any burrs

As long as the plaster is fresh, any burrs can be removed with a sponge. Then, once dry, prefer a brush or a small metal tool (the blade of your trowel, or that of a knife).

Step 7: Make way for writing!

Your magic stone is ready! All you have to do is use it by entering the messages of your choice.