What type of mower to choose?

What type of mower to choose?

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The unexpected precipitation in May will at least have had a positive effect on the garden lawn: it has grown in abundance. To mow and maintain it until the fall, your old and good mower will no longer be up to par. The ideal time to invest in a new model is now! And if you're not sure, here are some tips from the pros including the pluses and minuses of the four mower models. Hand, walking driver, ride-on or robot version: it's up to you to choose the style that best suits your garden!

A hand mower

Also known as a helical mower, the hand mower is the ultimate mower: space-saving, quiet and eco-friendly (no fuel), it is easy to have on hand. Among its other advantages, we also note its excellent quality of cut as well as its reduced maintenance (every 5 years). The limit of this type of mower: being particularly suitable for small gardens. Also, as soon as it exceeds 250 square meters, mowing is no longer optimal because it is slower and more laborious (the mower requires more physical effort). For the same reasons, it is not or hardly adapted to high lawns, the ideal being that they are short, and therefore cut regularly.

A walking mower

4 types of mower are concerned here. The wired electric mower, the battery mower, the air cushion mower and the thermal mower. Silent and non-polluting, the only disadvantage of the first is its wire, constraint of connection and comfort at the time of mowing. A bad point which happens the second, allowing a better grip, although its cost is higher. The third is particularly suitable for sloping gardens but also involves a wire and an extension. As for the latter, its main quality lies in the power and the great capacity of its cut due to its engine. This same engine which is unfortunately as polluting as noisy!

A robotic mower

The robotic mower is autonomy as the main quality. She mows the lawn all by herself, for us. For those who want to do without this chore, it's rather magic, right? Also silent, low in energy and maintenance, it only asks us to cooperate to pick up the freshly cut grass. On the other hand, if certain models do without all the programming to detect the mowing area, it is better to lay a peripheral cable beforehand delimiting the garden to prevent it from going outside of these lands… On the autonomy side, the downside is that this type of mower takes all its time and only offers mulching as a mowing mode.

A ride-on mower

If your lawn area is small, no need to use a riding mower. This is generally necessary for mowing a large area of ​​lawn. Why ? Because it allows the gardener to quickly cover all these square meters while ensuring comfort and speed. If you choose this type of mower, know that you must also define the subcategory that suits you the most. Indeed, this type of mower is available in different distinct styles differentiating themselves by their method of ejecting cut grass: rider, front mower, tractor mower. In this case, it will be necessary to evaluate their weight, their volume and the noise generated ...