Which floor covering should I choose for asthmatic children?

Which floor covering should I choose for asthmatic children?

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Question from Virginie:


Answer: choose linoleum, a natural, economical and durable covering

Hello Virginie, I advise you to put on the floor of the room of your four children a linoleum. It is an economical and sustainable solution over time. In addition, linoleum is a natural solution that has been used for over 100 years for its high quality, warmth, color palettes and ecological character. Although a little difficult to cut, the linoleum floor is easy to lay, it is available in rolls, tiles or planks with integrated underlayments. Glued installation is highly recommended because it allows a long life and the possibility of keeping the lino to apply a new coating later. Easy to clean, the linoleum is ideal for children's rooms. You will find parquet (very well imitated), marble, tiled floors, etc. It is also compatible with heated floors.


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