The pop universe of Keith Haring invades the decor

The pop universe of Keith Haring invades the decor

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It is impossible not to know the work of Keith Haring (1958 - 1990) as it is omnipresent in decoration. The retrospective of the artist's work at the Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris and at the Centquatre in Paris is an opportunity to return to these emblematic signs that are urgently adopted at home.

Iconic imagery

Icon of Pop art, Keith Haring has developed a unique and recognizable artist vocabulary among a thousand. Inspired by graffiti, he offers designs surrounded by black and colorful. But beneath the apparent simplicity of the artist's features hides a very committed urban art which is above all the bearer of messages of social justice, individual freedom and change. The retrospective (until August 18, 2013) presents in particular the political nature of his career with nearly 250 works produced on canvas, tarpaulin or in the metro.

Keith Haring's influence

Popular artist who advocates art everywhere, he goes so far as to market products derived from his work with his famous Pop Shop. Also, today there are many brands with a license to use iconic motifs of the artist to perpetuate his approach. In your decoration, it will be easy for you to offer you stickers representing the essential Barking dogs or even the Radiant baby. Keith Haring's original designs are also available on trays and other tableware, stationery, posters and even children's chairs. Easy to use to brighten up the house, one or two accessories will bring color into your interior and will not fail to add an urban and pop note to your decor.


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