Do I have to install a floor or ceiling rail for a sliding door?

Do I have to install a floor or ceiling rail for a sliding door?

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Answer: a ceiling rail is more practical and safer.

Sliding doors are more and more widespread, as they allow to optimize spaces. When choosing a sliding door, the type of fixing of this door is an essential element. You can choose to install the rail on the ceiling or on the floor, or both. However, specialists favor a ceiling rail. The ceiling rail better supports heavy loads as can be wooden or glass doors, or garage doors. Another advantage is that this avoids any obstacle on the ground to be able to move freely, without risking tripping. In addition, this system saves space. Finally, a ceiling rail allows you to use floor heating to heat your home. A final argument in favor of the ceiling rail is the aesthetic argument. A ceiling rail is always more discreet than a floor rail. You too, send us your brico question


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