Mistakes to avoid to optimize space

Mistakes to avoid to optimize space

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Lack of space is a real problem which can nevertheless be mitigated by a certain practical sense which will allow you to optimize space. And if you do not really know how to go about it, we suggest you discover the basic errors to avoid to optimize the space of your interior.

Don't clutter up the space

First of all, to benefit from a maximum of space, you must start by decluttering your rooms. First by eliminating the mess and giving space to everything in order to avoid the room being visually too full, but also by choosing furniture suited to the size of your room. For example, we avoid choosing a large corner sofa in a small space because next to this piece of furniture, the room would look very narrow. The idea is to find the right formula so that the furniture is proportional to the size of the room. And whatever happens, your furniture should never hinder the passage because it is the circulation in your space that will determine your comfort.

Don't neglect the height

When there is a lack of space, do not hesitate to use all the solutions available to us to snack on square meters. Also, consider using the wall surface and the ceiling height which presents a beautiful space that we do not always think of exploiting. You can opt for storage space that takes up the entire wall, play with shelves and even stack storage boxes above a piece of furniture, for example. The significant advantage of storing in height is that you gain storage space without losing square meters on the ground. In other words, you multiply your storage capacities while keeping the same space. In addition to being practical, storage is also ultimately a very decorative solution for dressing your walls. So you win on both counts!

Do not deprive yourself of modular furniture

To optimize space, nothing beats modular furniture that will allow you to offer several functions to the same space. For example, thanks to an extending console, a very small piece of furniture can become a table to receive friends, and in the living room, a low table can be raised to offer you a dining table. It's almost magic! All transformable furniture is therefore welcome, but also count on retractable furniture. The latter disappears altogether to offer you even more space. For example, your Murphy bed can hide on the ceiling so that your room is a living room during the day and a bedroom at night. Enough to play with spaces as needed!

Do not exclude tailor-made

Finally, when the spaces are small and poorly organized, you spend a lot of energy finding solutions that are sometimes almost impossible. Depending on the case, it is sometimes better to call on an interior designer who will be able to find work solutions that will allow you to save space. He can offer you tailor-made items that will often make your life easier without being overpriced. So, don't hesitate to ask for quotes to consider tailor-made. Note that to find a piece of furniture that will perfectly find its place in a recess, artisans can also suggest projects according to your budget.