Decoration: the return of the sun mirror!

Decoration: the return of the sun mirror!

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The history of the sun mirror

The sun mirror is a relatively recent decorative object, since it dates from the 1940s. It appeared with the renowned and talented Gilbert Poillerat, a master ironworker who offered him a majestic and respectable version which will be repeatedly copied and diverted by the after. The golden age of the sun mirror is between 1950 and 1960, where its popularity rating was in full swing and where it was in almost all interiors: you could see it on the walls with majestic iron rays, but also in rattan or plaster.

Today he is making a strong comeback in all the rooms of the house. In an entry to adjust his hairstyle before going out, in the living room to establish the little fifties touch that was missing or in the bedroom above the chest of drawers, he displays a retro note very prominent in recent times.

Where to find a sun mirror?

If you want to give your interior a touch retro or art Deco 100% authentic, you can hunt for a vintage sun mirror dating from the 50s and 60s in clearance sales or garage sales. You will have the opportunity to find a used model full of character at a price that could not be more reasonable.

If surveying the flea markets at 7 a.m. on Sunday is not your favorite hobby, it is quite possible to buy your new sun mirror: as it has been on the rise for some time, more and more brands are giving it back its nobility! You will also have the choice between many sizes (all diameters are possible) and many models: sun mirror with spokes in raw wood, bamboo, metal (natural, golden, or painted black), bronze, rattan, wicker, with equal or different radii, with a stylized effect of volume or not… all tastes are allowed!
And for an ephemeral decoration, it is even possible to adopt the sticker sun mirror

How to stage the sun mirror in an interior?

Having a trendy sun mirror at home is good. But knowing how to stage it in your room so that it literally sublimates it is even better! Here are some decor ideas for a guaranteed wow effect:

  • Place your sun mirror in a series of mirrors. Indeed, the big trend in the world of decoration today is accumulation. So do not hesitate to hang different mirrors (of very different sizes and styles) on your wall, and slide a sun mirror in the middle: in addition to being trendy, this will enlarge the room with the play of reflections of mirrors. You can even choose to hang different sun mirrors on your wall, placing them symmetrically or not depending on the style you are looking to create!
  • The decor combo that works all the time is the sun mirror with XXL rays placed above a console or a small sideboard on which there are very few decorative elements: the contrast works perfectly!
  • In a living room with a refined decor, nothing will enhance your furniture more than the golden sun mirror placed above the sofa (especially if it is in pastel colors) with a slight reminder (for example with a piece of golden metal sofa, or a golden cup on the coffee table).