Ikea buys your old furniture!

Ikea buys your old furniture!

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Do you want to change your decor? Ikea gives you a boost by buying your old furniture and allowing you to give them a second life! We tell you everything about this good plan to seize until May 31, 2013.

New furniture against old

If you are tired of your Malm dresser or your Billy library is no longer large enough to hold all your books, now is the time to change! But how about getting some money to buy a new piece of furniture? This is what Ikea offers you by taking back your old Ikea furniture in exchange for a gift card to spend in the store to renew your decor. For this, you must first fill in a recovery form so that the services of the brand estimate the recovery price and then you have 15 days to return your furniture and receive your gift card. Please note, this offer concerns only furniture, assembled and in good condition. You will therefore not be able to bring back beds, mattresses, kitchen items, appliances, dressing rooms or accessories…

An ecological initiative

Rather than throwing away, we give a second life! This is the principle that Ikea wishes to highlight in order to reduce the impact of the brand on the environment. Thus, Ikea takes back your furniture and immediately offers it to other customers wishing to save money and who wish to subscribe to a sustainable development approach. For that, go to the "good finds" area of ​​your Ikea store to leave with a piece of furniture that has avoided the trash! From April 1 to May 31, 2013> More info on www.ikea.fr