Witch mirrors at low prices

Witch mirrors at low prices

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Already on the walls in the 14th and 15th centuries, the mirrors of a witch were said to have magical powers. Like a third eye, they seem to watch the rooms that host them. Round and convex, they reintroduce our interiors and without context add an old charm and cachet. But beyond collectibles, find a shopping for witch mirrors at low prices.

For the little story

The majority of witch mirrors were found in bourgeois interiors. At the time it was unusual to find mirrors in homes. A luxury that became popular in the 19th century, when mirrors were mass produced. Also called banker's mirrors, due to its particular shape which made it possible to monitor the entire room, it was said that the witch's mirror monitored the servants when the master was away! Another custom that can be reintroduced into your home. We used to hang it in front of or next to the window so that it would reflect natural light more. The interiors being very dark, the mirror made it possible to gain in brightness.

Today, the witch mirror emerges from the shadows

Often small sizes, there are different diameters of mirrors. From 23 centimeters for Chehoma to 54 centimeters for Athezza, he often has a black outline underlined with a golden line. But it is possible to find variants with more or less style. Chehoma, affixes a metal border that reproduces petals while at Sentou, the mirror is just curved and circular for a modern variation of the witch mirror. Count between 35.90 euros and 189 euros for a new mirror.