A more Zen house at low prices

A more Zen house at low prices

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Do you want to eliminate the stress of the day when you walk outside your door? What if you adopted a Zen decoration that will help you feel good in your interior? We give you some tips for a Zen decor at low prices.

Think feng shui

First of all, our first tip will not cost you a penny apart from a little time to move your furniture. Feng shui is a traditional Chinese discipline that promotes the art of living in harmony with the environment. With a few simple tips, it redefines your interior for better circulation of energies and better balance. Concretely, feng shui recommends for example not to place your bed in front of a door or between two doors because it disturbs the rest, not to place at a desk so as to be back to the door, to place your armchairs face to face with your sofa around a coffee table to clear its entrance to make room. Bring a feng shui manual to discover the principles of energies and try to apply them at home.

Zen decorative items

And to transform your living room or bedroom into a Zen interior, a few objects can help you in a very decorative way! We will appreciate the statuettes or other representations of Buddha, the green plants or the bamboo which offer a little nature to your room but also the small fountains for the element water and its soothing noise and some pebbles for the mineral element. You can also give yourself representations of Yin and Yang which represents the perfect balance in feng shui. And why not the ZEN letters to display to inspire you?