The Tao teapot from Philips between tradition and modernity

The Tao teapot from Philips between tradition and modernity

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Today the concept of the kettle "which boils water and that's it" is largely exceeded. In the same way as the coffee maker which definitively abandoned the concept "I pass water through the filter and that's it" to embark on the path of great vintages, the pressure system and generous foam, the kettle also had to enter a new era by becoming "intelligent". Besides, we no longer even speak of a kettle at this stage, but of an electric teapot since the tea is directly brewed in the appliance. Like the QD868A from Riviera & Bar, it is therefore only intended for this use. And since we did not invent hot water, we must add new features. The Philips Tao electric teapot is a mixture of tradition and modernity: tradition with its lines reminiscent of those in Japanese cast iron teapots and modernity because it allows you to adjust the temperature and the brewing time. You can now skip your timer since the Tao does the counting for you. It is programmable according to 4 types of tea: black tea, green tea, herbal tea and red tea. She therefore chooses the temperature and brewing time suited to the tea you have chosen.
It is also possible to use the Tao manually by deciding for yourself the temperature (between 60 and 100 ° C, 5 to 5) and the infusion time (between 1 and 10 minutes). The control of the brewing time has been particularly careful since it is indicated thanks to a luminous ring which will gradually surround the kettle.
For technical specifications, this teapot has a capacity of 0.7 l and its power is 1650 w. It has a double wall for better warmth and a large tea filter to reveal all the aromas. You can also use tea bags instead of loose tea, but even I who don't like tea know it's sacrilege.
Already marketed in Germany for more than a year, this so-called intelligent teapot seems above all to target a female audience with its pearly appearance and light pictograms. A little finesse in a world of brutes. Philips, Tao Teapot, HD7311, 200 €


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