Mistakes to avoid when you want a colorful decor

Mistakes to avoid when you want a colorful decor

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Seeing life in color is good ... provided you master their situation! Because to tell the truth, there is nothing easier to miss. Here are all our best tips for not missing out and, on the contrary, obtaining the desired good-looking effect without making a faux pas.

First trap to avoid: falling into the total look

Do you particularly like a bright color? This is no reason to multiply it without moderation in the decor! If you want to display it too much, you risk creating a suffocating atmosphere. And your favorite shade becomes the worst enemy of the room it was propelled into. You just have to imagine a monochrome space from floor to ceiling to realize it. Whether the color chosen is a fuchsia pink, a lemon yellow, a grass green, a deep black or a turquoise blue, the result is always the same: exhausting for the eyes and for morale. Of course, it is necessary to qualify the subject according to the chosen shade. Thus, the lighter and desaturated the revered color, the less the negative impact and the less annoying the total look.

Second trap to avoid: falling into the multicolor

For some, the use of color is complicated by their desire to highlight a single nuance version "too much". For others, the risk lies in the desire to mix a wide variety of shades together. Beware of multicolor, it can quickly overload a room, create a "circus" effect and poorly ordered! You only have to imagine the association of a green armchair, pink walls, a sofa with prints of various colors and a striped carpet in primary colors… to understand it. Solution number 1: limit yourself to a maximum of 4 main colors, a way to opt for the "color" bias without doing too much. The other solution: assume the "color block" rendering by associating it with a decorative style. Indeed, certain styles, like the ethnic, graphic or arty spirit make the omnipresence of multi color, one of their particularity. Guided by one of these threads, the multicolored look is therefore better justified and better tolerated!

Third trap to avoid: falling into the wrong association of colors

Another classic faux pas when you choose to propel color at home: marry colors that do not match. This is the case in particular of red and pink, too close visually for one to cut with the other, yellow and orange at the risk of obtaining an architaminated rendering, or black and brown, both fairly dark. To avoid falling into the trap of bad alliances, we favor balanced combinations. Thus, a dark color is preferably combined with a light color, a pale color with a bright color, a cold color with a warm color. The idea: to balance the impact of one shade with that of another acting in opposite. This is the formula of a decoration that is both colorful and harmonious! It's your turn ! Seeing life in color should no longer hold any secrets for you…