How to treat hair lifts?

How to treat hair lifts?

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Answer: different methods, but very often professional work.

Capillary rises are poorly drained rainwater that rises from the floor to the bottom of the walls and creates humidity in the house. It is also the most difficult cause of humidity to treat. We can do it alone by placing directly on the walls a so-called drying plant, an electronic box which, roughly speaking, will reverse the electromagnetic polarity of the ground. If the water mass is not very large, it is also possible to place an atmospheric siphon at the bottom of the walls. But very often, this is not enough, and treating hair lifts involves rather heavy work. It may be necessary to dig up the foundations, install drains and re-seal them; or else install a waterproof membrane in the horizontal direction of the walls - which must therefore be cut; or inject resin into the walls after cleaning them to form a tight barrier. You too, send us your DIY question.


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