The decor tames the owls

The decor tames the owls

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For several seasons the decor has opened its doors wide to animals. Fawns, butterflies, birds and now owls, take over textiles, objects and walls. An original way to tame these little nocturnal beasts with questioning eyes.

Owl or owl?

We often confuse the owl and the owl ... However, to distinguish them, it is enough to look at the egrets above their heads. You know that little tuft of feathers that looks like ears. Well, if there are egrets it is because you are dealing with an owl and if there are not, you have an owl in front of you!

An owl in my decor

In decoration, the owl is more illustrated. Plump, with its large round eyes and egrets, it seems to monitor your interior. In addition to being stylized, it wakes up with cheerful and contrasting colors such as red, pink, green, blue but also with floral patterns. In short everything suits him!

Where to find your decorative owl?

Most often illustrated in the children's room, it takes possession of the wallpaper at Ferm Living as well as blankets or cushions at Urban Out Fitters. To be placed alone on a shelf or in a group on the bed, it arouses the curiosity of children. The big brands have also given in to temptation. At monoprix, you will find it on the tea towels, flower pots or mugs, while at Urban it takes possession of the walls and is displayed in a chalkboard. You are finally ready for a great decoration!


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