Japanese tableware in the spotlight

Japanese tableware in the spotlight

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In September 2012, the Maison & Objet fair recommended that we go to the basics. Well, tableware followed the trend to the letter and offered a trip to Japan to present us a tableware and a lifestyle both minimalist and functional. Deciphering this trend from the land of the rising sun.

The revival of Japanese tableware

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Meti) in collaboration with the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan (CCIFJ) asked Vincent Grégoire, manager for the NelllyRodi style firm, to go to Japan to find and bring back to France a selection of 20 objects from Japanese tableware. The goal ? Dust off the image that the French have of Japanese tableware by showing to see modern and impactful creations of Japanese design 2013. Vincent Grégoire therefore returned with "Renaiscience, a concept which draws its essence from a certain idea of nature and naturalness ".

An event exhibition

From February 25 to March 10, 2013, Japanese tableware will set up shop at FLeux, one of the essential decoration shops in Paris! The 20 objects selected by Vincent Grégoire will indeed be staged in the Fleux boutique which was seduced by the idea of ​​bringing together "the quintessence of the creation of contemporary and innovative Japanese design". You will be able to discover cast iron casseroles and stoves from the Hiromura Design company, a biscuit wine cup from the Aoki Ryota company, Kimono glasses from the Kimoto Garasu company or even tableware and cooking. 4th Market company.

Japanese tableware at home

And Japanese tableware does not only appear in exhibitions but naturally finds its place on your tables. We put on dishes with plates and bowls with simplicity whose sleek design highlights the material, whether the dishes are ceramic, porcelain or biscuit. We put on colors that highlight the purity of the lines with white, gray or black which are sometimes highlighted with wood or metal. The teapot will of course be a staple of the Japanese-inspired table, as will the small containers used to serve sauces or condiments. And for a Japanese-inspired table, we bet on extreme refinement! For this, no tablecloth or table set is necessary because the dishes are placed on the wooden or white table that serves as a neutral backdrop. And so that your dishes take on Japanese looks, miso, matcha tea, soy sauce and yuzu invite themselves in your preparations to marry French and Japanese flavors. To inspire you, the great Japanese chef Hirohisa Koyoma proposed in February 2013 the Japanese Week of French Restaurants where chefs are invited to marry Japanese products with French cuisine.


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