What colors should be given in a relaxation area?

What colors should be given in a relaxation area?

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In the house, there are many spaces dedicated to relaxation! In the bathroom for example, the relaxation area is dedicated to well-being, in the bedroom rather at rest and in the living room the atmosphere is still quite playful. So what colors should you choose for each space in the house dedicated to relaxation depending on the activities? This is what we invite you to discover!

The relaxation area dedicated to rest

In the house, the spaces dedicated to rest must have colors that do not interfere with relaxation! We then put on soft and soothing tones that will put you in the mood of your rooms. In the bedroom, for example, relaxation is mainly linked to sleep and you will therefore have to choose colors that favor sleep. The most popular color in the bedroom is then blue in a light shade to calm the mind and encourage sleep! You can paint the walls in a pastel blue and choose bed linen in the same tones to create a cocoon of softness. Conversely, red will be banned from the bedroom because it has energizing properties that could create insomnia. You will understand, in the bedroom we favor soft colors, even pastel and we banish too bright colors. The bathroom is also a room dedicated to relaxation while promoting your well-being. It will then also be necessary to think of the color according to the activities of the room. Know therefore that here too blue is a color that will work very well. Enveloping, it will be a cocoon of sweetness both in the morning when you wake up and in the evening to prepare you for sleep. But this room also lends itself particularly well to green which contributes to creating conditions of calm, comfort for a room of relaxation thanks to its evocation of nature. We will preferably choose a fairly tender green because too strong greens can give a bad appearance.

The playful relaxation area

In the house, the relaxation areas are not only dedicated to rest! Some rooms have a more playful aspect like the living room which welcomes you for reading, watching TV or chatting with friends. Also, you need a color that lends itself to all its activities more lively than those of a bedroom for example. We can then play with more vivid colors than blue and green by opting for example for yellow, neither too bright nor too bland. The latter gives tone to the room while illuminating it to give a positive feeling. However, overly bright and acidic yellows should be avoided in favor of softer shades that are closer to honey with a touch of brown or sandy tones that almost draw towards beige. Do you want a more original color? Why not turn to purple or pink? These cheerful colors will lend themselves well to this room provided you choose soft shades like pastels. They will bring a little warmth to the space without using overly bright colors.