Do you know the sound insulating glass fabric?

Do you know the sound insulating glass fabric?

Problems related to noise pollution cause uncomfortable situations. Stress, fatigue, irritability, problems related to concentration are all ills that can make our lives more difficult. But, if you are embarking on major renovations you are not delighted, know that there is a glass canvas to paint that reduces noise while ensuring a decorative effect. Discover it right away in 6 questions…

How does the new Novelio® Acoustic painting glass fabric work?

The insulation of our homes sometimes leaves something to be desired. As standards have evolved and the materials are not always of the best quality, your sound insulation may be faulty. The simplest solution is to use the glass cloth to paint. This 5 mm thick foam wall covering acts on two different levels. The very first one absorbs the noise emitted in the room. The sound, when emitted, strikes the surfaces of the room. Here it is partly absorbed thanks to the foam. And the second level makes it possible to return the sound by improving its acoustic quality. A result that offers better sound quality and better listening comfort.

Where can I put it?

The glass cloth to paint can just as easily be placed in a private home as in more frequented rooms such as an open space office, a restaurant or even a canteen. Its acoustic properties absorb up to 50% of noise pollution!

How to put the glass cloth to paint?

The glass cloth to paint is easy to install since it is posed like a traditional wallpaper in a few simple and precise gestures. To start you have to glue the wall with a suitable glue. Then paste the canvas as you would for a wallpaper. This action is necessary so that the canvas adheres perfectly to your wall by expelling air bubbles. Do the same for the following strips so as to cover your wall. Then it's even simpler, you just have to paint this new surface to your liking.

Its thickness, does it make the glass cloth difficult to handle?

Not at all ! Extremely resistant, the glass fabric to be painted is also flexible for ease of use.

How to paint the glass cloth?

It's like painting a classic glass canvas. You can use a traditional acrylic paint in the shade you prefer. One condition, apply two coats for a flawless result.

An advice ?

Maximize your chances to put your glass cloth in place by providing yourself with the specifically dedicated toolbox. This perfect tool kit includes a glue knife, a spatula, a masking knife, a spatula and a knife with a thick blade. You are finally ready for a merciless fight against noise! For more information, visit the website: