Mistakes to avoid in choosing your bed linen

Mistakes to avoid in choosing your bed linen

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Whether you like it soft, silky, warm or light, bed linen plays a big part in the quality of your sleep. So to choose it with your eyes closed, follow the guide!

Bed linen: don't compromise on quality

Cotton, flannel, linen, percale, satin, whatever your favorite material, be careful about the quality of the fabric. First by looking at his cup. A fitted sheet that will not fit well on the mattress and it is the assurance of ending up with unpleasant folds, or worse a bed to be made in the middle of the night. Then, by appreciating its density. The higher the number of threads per cm², the tighter the weaving. A guarantee of quality, because the canvas will be both soft and resistant.

Do not neglect the choice of material for your bed linen

Natural materials : cotton remains the most common material for bed linen. And for good reason, it is the most natural but also the most comfortable and the most "solid". It is also a master key since it can be used in summer and winter. More upscale, combed cotton offers exceptional strength and softness. If you want a gentle bath, adopt cotton satin with an incomparable silky touch. Finally, when the temperatures drop outside, get warm under your flannel sheets. A soft material, like a down. Not recommended in summer or in very heated rooms. Finally, linen is to be adopted for its pleasant touch and its welcome freshness especially in summer, however its maintenance is difficult and delicate. Semi-synthetic materials : with in mind, the polycotton which combines cotton and polyester. A happy blend for summer which also has the advantage of being easier to iron than cotton. Finally, microfiber and its famous peach feel is a very fine synthetic fiber that provides a lot of softness and offers a good hold over time.

Bed linen: don't neglect the labels

Look carefully at the labels when shopping for bed linen. Make sure that the material chosen is easy to care for, that it withstands washing temperatures of 60 ° C and that it is easy to iron.

Don't forget the decorative aspect of your bed linen

The bed linen contributes fully to the decoration of your room. Be sure to choose fabric colors that will match those of your bedroom. To avoid getting tired of your adornments, bet on solid tones with which you will mix the shades. With such a color chart, you can more easily change the mood.