Unusual: the duvet is reinvented!

Unusual: the duvet is reinvented!

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For some time now, cocooning has witnessed a real revolution! The traditional duvet is reinvented to help you warm up. We then discover two unusual creations: the Ponchocouette, a quilt like a poncho and Couettabra, a quilt with long sleeves. But are you ready to adopt these unusual accessories in the name of cocooning? For or against, you decide!

The Ponchocouette as an ally of the sofa

Are you always cold when you sit on your sofa? The Ponchocouette will revolutionize your cocooning evenings because it is an ultra-soft quilt that slips on like a poncho thanks to its openings for the head and arms. You are then perfectly covered while having your hands free for your activities. Clever to the end, the Ponchocouette folds to transform into a cushion that will find its place on the sofa or bed. www.ponchocouette.com

La Couettabra for reading in bed

Are you cold in the arms when you read a book or surf the Internet in your bed? Couettabra is made for you since this new generation duvet offers to slide its arms in long sleeves integrated into the duvet and which allow to have your hands free. You are then wrapped up to the neck to cocoon in a very cozy way. www.couettabra.com And glamor in all this? Okay, everyone will be warm but admit that it is not very salient, nor very decorative ... So, are you going to adopt it anyway? Tell us !