Toiles de Mayenne reveals all the richness of its fabrics

Toiles de Mayenne reveals all the richness of its fabrics

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The Toiles de Mayenne family business has been the pride of its region for over 200 years. The hexagonal brand, which has always been associated with striped and very colorful canvases, has many other strings to its bow! Faithful to traditional know-how, Toiles de Mayenne has broadened its skills over the years by creating a department for finished products (cushions, curtains, etc.), decoration and another devoted to painting. Its fabulous fabrics in vitamin tones and impeccable finish complete a complete decoration catalog for the whole house. Back to a colorful family saga!

Over two centuries of history

La Mayenne, located on the borders of Maine and Brittany, has an extremely rich craft past. From the Gauls to the artisans of the Middle Ages or the lords, all will take advantage for centuries of the abundance of natural materials provided by the forest. It is in this geographical context - more specifically at the Abbey of the village of Fontaine-Daniel - that the factory was born in 1806 which would later be that of the Toiles de Mayenne brand. It was taken over 30 years later by the Denis family, still at the head of the company today, after six generations succeeded each other. The fleet of looms as well as the spinning mill will be modernized and enlarged during the following decades and thus forge the reputation of the factory beyond the borders. In 1894, color entered the factory with the establishment of the first dry-cleaners! After years of spinning unbleached fabrics for shirts and clothing, Toiles de Mayenne is moving towards dyeing and finishing: it then employs 350 people. However, it was only after the Second World War that the first weaving intended for furniture was born. At the same time, the Toiles de Mayenne license is registered, thus marking the beginnings of the mail-order sale of fabrics dedicated to the home. The design workshop will be created in 1961 and will become the most important of the company half a century later; it will never cease to resist the sirens of globalization by continuing to dye, spinning and tailor-made fabrics until today.

Innovation at the rendezvous

After opening its own points of sale in France in the 1970s and 1980s, Toiles de Mayenne is gradually turning to the international market by gradually reorganizing its production workshops. In 2011, the brand launched its organic range: an opportunity to show the general public that it always remains at the heart of consumer trends and concerns. The manufacture of seats and objects is also increasing and will be quickly supplemented by a collection of paint in warm and vitamin tones. In terms of fabrics, Toile de Mayenne continues to excel in organic linen and yarns, without forgetting innovation with new canvases with a metallic frame. The entire collection can be found on!