Maintain your parquet

Maintain your parquet

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Choosing parquet is creating a warm and natural environment. Parquet is a coating that requires specific maintenance. Depending on the type of parquet you have at home, solid, floating or laminate, and especially its finish, vitrified, oiled or waxed, this maintenance varies. Today we give you all our advice to properly maintain your parquet and not to commit the irreparable.

Maintenance of vitrified parquet floors

A vitrified parquet is a very resistant parquet. To clean it, you must first dust it by passing the broom or the vacuum cleaner. To wash it, it is recommended to use clear water or a product specially designed for vitrified parquet floors. Household products should be avoided because they are too abrasive. They risk damaging the varnish, and therefore the parquet, prematurely. A vitrified parquet must be revived with a polish and this, twice a year. This step helps to reduce shocks and scratches, but also to restore shine to your floors.

Maintenance of oiled parquet floors

Oiled parquet is a coating that must be carefully maintained. Indeed, it is the oil that protects the parquet from stains. To dust an oiled parquet, you should not use a broom or a vacuum cleaner but prefer the broom with wet fringes. The use of household products is strongly discouraged. The parquet of the living or passage rooms must be oiled twice a year. The bedroom must be oiled once a year. If you observe, on your oiled parquet, a surface stain, it is imperative to sand on the surface then to oil the area. Don't wait! If the entire floor is stained, it is best to rent a machine specially designed to clean the floors and use black soap. Once this washing is done, remember to oil your floors.

Maintenance of waxed parquet floors

Waxed parquet is the rarest parquet. They are very fragile and have a limited lifespan in our homes. To dust a waxed parquet, you can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. It is possible to pass an exceptionally wet mop. If your waxed parquet is stained, it must be sanded with a fine-grained sheet, then apply a layer of wax.

The golden rules for maintaining your parquet

To have an impeccable parquet, here are some tips: - Remember to put pads under the feet of your furniture to limit the risk of scratches - Walk at home with slippers or pads and not with your shoes - Immediately clean the stains or water on the floor - On your vacuum cleaner, place the special parquet brush - Use suitable cleaning products If you have your parquet installed by a professional, ask him how to maintain it. Indeed, all woods are different and have their specificities. Depending on the parquet chosen, there may be maintenance instructions different from those presented in this article.


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