Video: making a clock

Video: making a clock

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Have you just moved in and want to create a personalized decoration? You are invited to a housewarming party and you are looking for an original gift? Jeanne Petit, designer of clocks, gives you her secret to making a clock.

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Necessary material

To create a clock, you need polyurethane, a wire cutter, news: 739807 brushes, a 40 cm diameter round cardboard, a compass, paint and glue.

Prepare the clock base

First, start by painting the cardboard circle and its edge with white paint, which will serve as the basis for the other layers of paint. Try to paint quickly and with a regular movement, because this layer of paint will remain slightly visible under the other layers. Smooth if necessary using a spalter. Then cut with the filodécoupeur the figures and the patterns previously drawn on the polyurethane. When the numbers are cut, also apply an undercoat of white paint on them, then paint them with the color of your choice. Then paint the cardboard background in the color of your choice. You can, if you wish, deposit another layer of a different paint, for a less homogeneous background.

Clock finish

Using the compass and a chalk pencil, draw a circle on the bottom. Keep the compass opening and mark the whole circle with chalk. With a ruler, calculate the middle of the measurement between two marks, then use this medium as a starting point to place the compass and make other marks. With a ruler, draw a line on each marker to get the direction of the numbers. Then paste the numbers in the space provided. Install a quartz movement on the back of the clock, screw a hollow screw then place the hands, starting with the hour hand. Follow Jeanne Petit's advice and get a nice functional and personalized clock. Watch the video Making a clock on Produced by Minute Facile.