Gardening book: "Passion orchids"

Gardening book: "Passion orchids"

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The orchid is a plant that requires precise watering and delicate care. In France, we appreciate more and more this flower which exists under different varieties. "Passion orchids" is a practical and very useful book for flower lovers and budding gardeners. After a presentation of the orchid flower, Bénédicte Boudassou and Vanina Pialot explain to us how to cultivate these plants with a very complete culture calendar and more specific pages on the techniques for repotting, staking, watering, humidifying and nourishing your orchid. The diagrams and steps allow a good understanding of these different phases. The second part of the book is devoted to the main types of orchids. Thus, we understand, at a glance, their peculiarities, the techniques to take care of them and the characteristics of their flowering. Discover the cattleya who comes from America, cymbidium and its exceptional flowering time, the odontoglossum which must be repotted every year, paphiopedilum known as "clogs of Venus" for the shape of its flowers, the famous phalaenopsis whose flower is often very fragrant or the zygopetalum which blooms twice a year! Passion orchids by Bénédicte Boudassou and Vanina Pialot Editions Larousse Pratique - Les mini Larousse March 2011/56 pages / € 3.50


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