Household scenes: the decor of Liliane and José

Household scenes: the decor of Liliane and José

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Liliane and José, she is a beautician and he is a town hall employee, it is the couple who makes us laugh but who also knows how to soften us. Tender and naive home, it is a house where life is good thanks to a warm and friendly decoration in all rooms of the house.

The kitchen, the centerpiece

Chez Liliane et José, the kitchen seems to be the most important room in the house! Liliane loves to cook good meals there and José is always asked to taste them. The style of the kitchen is quite charming with glass cupboards and a white finish on a yellow backdrop which brings warmth and dynamism to the room. When they are both, they take meals at the kitchen counter and this also allows Liliane not to be isolated. In terms of furniture, wrought iron is in the spotlight.

The living room around the television

The living room is above all the favorite room of José, who never misses a football match and collapses on the sofa at the slightest opportunity. You will understand, the living room is turned to the television and the sofa must be comfortable! Liliane joins her husband for romantic TV evenings or to tell about her work day.

The bedroom, love nest

The bedroom is the scene of many actions by the couple. We find them every night in their romantic wrought iron bed reading each one about their respective passions but we also discover them for funny intimate experiences. To complete the bedroom, a hairdresser recalls that Liliane is an esthetician and that she takes care of herself.


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