Anne-Claire Petit brings knitting up to date!

Anne-Claire Petit brings knitting up to date!

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It has been 10 years since the Anne-Claire Petit collections, for children and the home, were born. Today the brand of knitted objects is internationally known and acclaimed by families from all walks of life! Designed in Amsterdam workshops and handmade in Asia, the decoration accessories created by the young woman of Dutch origin open the doors to a playful and dreamlike world. The animals, objects and plants with a thousand colors plunge us back into a retro universe at will where the useful and the futile mix without complexes.

A dazzling success

Anne-Claire Petit is an extraordinary designer and she claims it. Putting knitting back in the spotlight was not an easy task, and yet it was a gamble that it won hands down! After studying industrial design in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the young woman launched herself into the world of fashion. With a predilection for sewing in general and fabrics, bags and shawls in particular, Anne-Claire is starting to be talked about with her creations for the accessories department of the Esprit brand. After four successful years spent in this international company, she decides to elevate her inspiration and creativity to other ends: her own adventure can finally begin! The creations of the first collections, launched under the name "Anne Claire petit Accessoires", easily attracted Dutch buyers. Quickly, his notoriety crossed borders and spread in Europe as in Japan. In 1999, the activity of the Dutch designer evolves towards the worlds of children and decoration. The accessories are divided between a newborn collection, a line of children's clothing, a range for the home and a whole family of round and colorful animals. Knitting and Anne Claire Petit style are more than ever at the rendezvous, such a timeless signature resulting from an artisanal know-how. Natural materials and colors are the spearheads of the products, made from cotton dyed specially for its brand.

Unique products

As the designer says, handcrafted products exude an inimitable aesthetic: "I believe in the charm of handcrafted products. Using traditional techniques to create a modern object, the past and the present come together". This is why the models are created in the workshops of Amsterdam before being hand-crocheted in Asia by more than 200 knitters! Each of them works at home so that they can allocate their schedule according to their family life. Today, Anne-Claire Petit continues her projects with the special creation of characters for certain museums or illustrators. Like Alain Grée, the Rijksmuseum and Marc Boutavan, knitting ace gives life to imaginary creatures without ever distorting them.


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