How to maintain a green wall?

How to maintain a green wall?

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Answer: watering the plants on the plant wall is not enough, they must be sprayed. You also need to provide them with nutrients, and prune them from time to time.

Like all plants, your plant wall needs water, nutrients and light. Its maintenance is rather simple and inexpensive, provided that it was well designed from the start. If your green wall has a humidifier and an integrated irrigation system for example, it will just be enough to connect it to a water source. You won't have to do anything except check the pH of the water and feed the plants a little fertilizer. It is the ideal solution. Otherwise, you will have to water and vaporize the plant wall yourself, which will obviously require more attention on your part… From time to time, it will be necessary to remove the dead leaves and to replace dying plants, perhaps even to prune plants that have grown too large. You too, send us your brico question