Trend: the pieces are multifunctional

Trend: the pieces are multifunctional

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As a direct result of the lack of space or the multiplication of our activities in the house, the rooms are no longer monofunctional but now house several activities. Zoom on a trend that is transforming the face of the house.

One room, several activities

The bedroom is no longer just for sleeping and the kitchen is no longer just for cooking! Today, we gladly install a small living room in the bedroom to offer a parental bedroom and a parenthesis of intimacy and the kitchen also welcomes us for meals or even for children's homework while we watch a preparation. The rooms become completely uninhibited living spaces compared to their primary function. We can attribute this new trend to a change in our lifestyles. Indeed, today, the days are more and more busy, we have to juggle between several activities and to save time, we multiply the operations within the same space. Also, the lack of space pushes us to improvise in the layout of the rooms so if we can no longer dedicate a room to the office, we gladly install it in a living room, bedroom or entry. Finally, the emergence of more and more open spaces lets us think of rooms in the way we want by offering spaces that overlap one another.

How to properly reconcile two activities in a room?

But how do you reconcile two spaces without it becoming unbearable? All it takes is a little organization and above all consistency. First determine the spaces that should coexist with as much logic as possible. For example, we will avoid setting up an office where we need calm right next to the television where the whole family will settle. Try placing quiet activities together such as a desk in a bedroom, for example. Some rooms will couple themselves as will be the case of the kitchen and the dining room which become one and the same space. Then key to two spaces in one and maintain some separation. To use the example of the desk in the bedroom, it must be separated from the sleeping area proper so as not to interfere with your sleep and so that you can make the distinction between the two activities. For that, you can bet on visual tricks which delimit the spaces. We can use a screen, a curtain or simply a wall of a different color. If you live in a small space and the living room must coexist with the bedroom, you can bet on a total transformation of the room according to its activity using a convertible sofa for example or a Murphy bed. Furniture can really be the key to your organization with low tables that transform into high tables to create a dining room, consoles that can be enlarged to create an office or retractable desks to be fixed to the wall. Do not hesitate to transform your interior on a daily basis according to your needs.


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