Muskhane invites us to travel

Muskhane invites us to travel

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The Muskhane brand draws its inspiration every day from the heart of the Himalayas to create a soft, poetic and colorful universe dedicated to the world of home. Its added value? A deep respect for fair trade, and a brand / supplier relationship based on sustainability, proximity and permanent exchange. His catalog offers a large selection of woven cushions lined with colored pompoms, plaids, tableware rugs, jewelry, and pashmina blankets, all from Nepal and Tibet. A nice way to give the opportunity to these artisans to express their art through their traditional know-how!

A fair project

The birth of Muskhane is above all linked to a deep desire to change the way of selling and buying. By embarking on a responsible trade approach, its founders Thierry and Valérie Billot wanted to respect ancestral production techniques and keep a company on a human scale. The brand is committed to delivering products to producers at fair prices, without taking substantial margins, and to bet on sustainable development. Successful bet for these two passionate travelers and great Himalayan spaces, who make us discover the treasures of Asian crafts through his creations. The Muskhane catalog consists of a multitude of household items, made among other things from one of Valérie's favorite materials: felt. Also called boiled wool, the latter is made from carded wool, soap and hot water. A long work of friction, with the foot or by hand, makes it possible to bind the fibers of the wool and thus obtain this warm and soft material. Valérie, who lives in Nepal for part of the year, composes Muskhane creations from the elements that surround and inspire her. His hobbies? Smell the air of time, hunt around and recover unexpected objects, but also collect fabrics from here and elsewhere and travel to sharpen his eye and his art!

A collection full of warmth and color

Muskhane, which means smile in Nepali, wants to show a new face of Asia, often overlooked. Its cheerful and invigorating collections are far from the sober and traditional images that so often come to us from this continent! The shimmering colors, from fuschia to turquoise, golden yellow or even emerald green, are displayed without complexes. As for the materials, they put their simplicity at the service of the object. Felt, Nepalese paper and printed cotton transform into light garlands, storage baskets embellished with printed fabrics or variegated tassels, rugs in multiple sizes and design, cushions and small decorative accessories. The result is undoubtedly full of originality and liveliness! The entire collection can be found in the brand's Parisian store, rue Pastourelle, or on its website


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